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Prof. Mark Post is MD, PhD and chair of Physiology at Maastricht University, after positions at Utrecht, Harvard, Dartmouth and TU/e. He engineers tissues for medicine and for food. He presented the world’s first hamburger from cultured beef in August 2013. He co-authored more than 160 scientific papers and received close to 40 mUSD in funding and awards. He is CSO of MosaMeat, Qorium and CEO of Cell2Tissue, companies that commercialize animal products of stem cells.

PONÈNCIA: The future of meat: cultured beef?

Stem cells for meat production
To ensure food security and to diminish the environmental and animal welfare burden of current livestock beef production in some production regions, we envision an alternative by culturing meat from bovine muscle specific stem cells. In August 2013, we presented the proof of concept by producing, cooking and eating a hamburger from cultured beef.
For cultured beef to be successful, 4 requirements need to be met. Production has to be efficient and sustainable (no serum); the eventual product has to be meat and not a substitute and the consumer needs to accept it. Technical aspects and current state of technology with an estimated path to market introduction will be discussed. Cultured beef is a multifaceted subject that will provide insight into many fascinating biological and psychological questions.

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